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All tours are subject to cancellation in the event of:
We do not meet the minimum occupancy of people, we will refound 100% of deposit
Bad Weather conditions: We check weather forecasts constantly to ensure that the conditions are optimal for a open ocean adventure. If the forecast does not allow to go out (20-30 knots winds with 2-3 meters high waves), we will have to cancel the Tour and refund 100% of deposit.
If WE need to cancel the trip for the reasons listed above or for any other reason, we will refund 100% of deposit or you can change your booking for another date.

A cancellation made by customer less than 48 hours prior to departure incurs a 100% cancellation fee and no deposit refund shall be given. 


If you decide to cancel the tour more than 48 hours in advance of the departure we will refund 100% deposit.
We don't refund any money in the unlikely event that we don't see sharks or in case the sea conditions or the animal behaviour doesn't allow to jump in the water and swim with sharks safely. Since your safety is our priority the Dive Master has the right to not let people jump in the water or to quit the interaction anytime
We always do our best using all our skills and experience to attract sharks, but they are wild animals living in the big ocean. Sometimes the success of the trip depends form environmental factors that we can't control. 
We don't refund any money in case of sea sickness. We suggest to take Dramamine 45 minutes prior the departures to avoid sea sickness.


If you don't show up without a notice of at least 24 hours prior the departure you will be charged the full price of the activity you booked 
Ex: if you booked a shark snorkeling tour and you don't show up the day of the scheduled activity without advise (email us, text msg, phone call, facebook) at least 24 hour before the departure your credit card will be automatically charge 190 usd per person + 16% State Taxes


At CABO SHARK DIVE we use all means necessary to provide you with the safest interaction possible. We are diligent about checking the latest weather reports and updates to remain well informed. However, we are out in the open ocean, and if weather conditions do not cooperate, we may need to head back early.

 Although highly unlikely, there is a chance you may not see a shark – we’re not in a theme park with domesticated animals, nor would we want to be. The excitement of not knowing exactly what you will see or encounter in the open ocean is what makes this excursion so amazing.

Contact Us 

Email:   Phone: +52 1 624 155  8246