"If you swim with sharks you will have so much fun and you will help the ocean!"


The founder of Cabo Shark Dive is Jacopo Brunetti aka Jacob Scuba, Italian marine biologist, PADI scuba instructor, professional underwater photographer, sharks behavioural expert and professional shark dive guide.


For 12 years, Jacopo worked  as biologist, shark dive guide and  professional underwater photographer  with sharks and large marine animals in South Africa, Egypt, Azores, Hawaii, Mexico, Baja California, Australia & Philippines, collaborating with important institutions such as The Shark research Lab at The Hawaiian Institute of Marine Biology. In all these years he gained experience  and skills in diving and free diving with big marine animals and he  developed an efficient chumming technique to attract sharks safely. He learned  how read and observe the behaviour of sharks and he will personally take care of you during your shark experience. He is  assisted by the free diver Miguel Costantini, qualified and professional shark guide, and his skilled captain Edu Frias, expert of the Pacific Ocean. All the team will  be pleased to provide  the BEST service for you outside and inside the water. We are the first in Cabo San Lucas to bring people to swim and dive with sharks and pelagic fishes.


The Project:

Jacopo was so impressed by the huge pelagic life of Baja that he thought that the best way to protect this amazing Fauna is to share this wonders with all the people and inform them on the importance of protecting sharks and other top predators to keep the balance of the ocean.


Cabo Shark Dive has a strong ecological objective:

We protect the local species of sharks and pelagic predators by offer the best safe, close and personal underwater interactions.

This is the best way to raise awareness on the issue of conservation of marine environments and encourage more people as possible to love sharks and shark sighting activities, to make species be worth more alive than dead.


We also promote the development of free diving with sharks as a complementary activity to the fishery. Shark diving, snorkelling and sharks watching are  eco-sustainable activities, with no extractive use that  contributes to the reduction of fishing pressure on shark populations and other pelagic predators, which currently are in a critical situation. We involve local fisherman in the project, to help the community and the nature at the same time. While they work with us they make more money and they don’t kill any fish.


After the dive, do your part to dispel myths and push shark conservation. Tell others (particularly non-divers) about your experience. Post pictures and videos – focusing on demystifying sharks (not the Jaws type.) Your shark diving experience can really help the ocean.



We also offer private trips and special services for professional photographers and film crews

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